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I've bid on several offerings at [info]qldfloodauction already in both the regular auction and the lightening round!  But watch out because sometimes I like to torment people by requesting something out of the ordinary......  And yes, I'm looking at you [info]brighty18 !  mwahahaha

Now here's where you come in.  The mods at [info]fandomfusion  are willing to boost your signal!  So leave them links to your offerings here

[info]fandom_flood_ap  has put up an excellent information page with lots and lots of links.


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dogsunderfoot  and I were talking about the floods and devastation in Australia and thinking about friends who live there.  We want to do something in their honor and were wondering if there was a fandom effort afoot to help.

starlite_gone has provided more information.  There is an auction going on at qldfloodauction  and bidding continues through January 26th.

Also, I've just discovered
[info]fandom_flood_ap has a community in the style of help_haiti and they expect to be up and running soon! See you there?
Rita Skeeter

Moar recs!

Pssstttt!!! I'm being held hostage at Aunt God She's Awful's house. So don't tell her that I'm nipping over here to quickly point out some goodies!

I had been sad that hp_holidaygen didn't run this year but goodness knows when I would have found the time to read anymore. The holiday fests are overflowing with great entries again even a bit of gen at my favorite fest, rs_small_gifts. Like Marginalia (A Story about Stories) by magnetic_pole
Summary: In the village of Arabel's Raven, there is an ancient Library that contains the collected wisdom of the wizarding world. It holds books detailing every known spell and curse, treatises on Dark Creatures and mysterious ailments, and all the most noble tales of magical courage and wisdom and love. This tale, however, is not one of them.
What is this story? An enchanting fairy tale told by an intriguing narrator, a bit of "missing" canon and a sly reference to certain stories written in the margins of books.....

Another "missing" moment and a wee tale set in a library. Ex Libris by anonymous at hoggywartyxmas provides a peek at Irma Pince and how the many of the treasures of the Hogwarts library are saved from Voldemort during the Carrow's rein at Hogwarts. Do check out this gem of a ficlet!

I'm already reading about tipples and New Year's Eve celebration plans. How about reading Reflections in Liquid to see the beverage of choice of several of the denizens of Hogwarts? Wonderfully reflective of their characters besides!

And a bit of art to round out this entry. &hearts leochi is on holiday and she's been posting more stunning fanart again! Check it out and leave a word or two of encouragement? Seafaring Draco, Togetherness and Louis Weasley are especially stunning!

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♥ A Very Merry Christmas and greetings of this festive season to all! ♥

I know holidays bring stress to all and depression for some. But I hope you'll find some brightness and joy today.

Here is another art rec. One of my favorite Christmas stories is The Little Matchgirl. This beautiful watercolor at mini_fest</lj> not only brought that to mind but reminds me how small my problems and grievances are compared with others.
Lonely Christmas

and i know that i'm like a broken record, but a comment or a smile sometimes makes someone else's day brighter....

Drive by recs....

This is a quickie post because I'm sick as a dog! But I did see that hondagirll has delightful news. Not that I expected anything less Nurse Honda!

So in honor of Honda, everyone check out this GORGEOUS depiction of Rose Weasley & Scorpius Malfoy. Winter Kiss by vividzephyr

More het art but this time NWS! Marked by anonymous at smutty_claus Check out the marks on both Pansy and Draco here. Rawr!

Now who hasn't dreamed of their favorite character as a pirate? So run to Drawings for "And A Star To Steer Her By" by carmentakoshi to see Sirius Black, swashbuckling pirate captain. In tight breeches!

And the format for The Secret Christmas Plan by peskywhistpaw is fantastic! Check it out to see the Captain's Log of one James Potter but stay for the story!

Quickie recs!

First for gryffindorj, even I like steamy, sultry, explicit p0rny fanworks sometimes. Anyone who hasn't seen A Corridor Full of Hot Strong Love at smutty_claus should run over there immediately! This is for J because I've decided she's right, Harry is a hero! I might even be willing to see him as a wee bit taller now too.....

From thilia, Pomona, a painting of younger Sprout looking as gorgeous as any Rubens.

And finally, I know everyone has tension at some point around the holidays so have a fruitcake! Legend of the Accursed Fruitcake of Camlann from mini_fest, is about traditions, misunderstandings, tension and nuttiness. Add a wee bit of sweetness near the end, and it's just what you need to relieve the holiday blues!

Got recs? Or, know someone else who recs, point them out to me! I managed to match up three entires to enough recs to get them into the daily_snitch yesterday!

Look at all the pretties! Shiny!!!

As most of you probably know, a very, very long time ago, I was an art student. Not outstanding. Just good enough to truly value the talents of others. (And to major in design but that’s another sad story.) But I was pleased to discover that there is a budding community at Dreamwidth for fanart_recs. The intension is to be a [personal profile] crack_van type of multi fandom recs community except it’s all about art. Even though they are less than three months along, they have links to lovely fanworks from a variety of fandoms. Plus, a fan community at DW! So why not take a look and maybe even volunteer to take a turn reccing?

The art being turned in to the Holiday Fests is so amazing, that it deserves it’s own post! From [profile] mini_fest, lets start with Luna’s Snow Angel. This whimsical watercolor is so joy making that I’m going to print it out and post it strategically around my home to lighten my mood whenever I look at it!

I’m sure y’all know, despite efforts to convert me, I don’t ship Snarry. But in gen fic or art, I’m much more amenable! So check out arisen Snape as Jack Frost in A Christmas Wish. Nothing I say is going to convey to you the magic of this so just click and see for yourself.

For the Harry/Draco fans, [profile] mini_fest has come through big time once again! Both Trapped and Snowball Fight showcase the “hate” side of the relationship with humor. Click and tell me if I’m wrong to relish this side of that infamous pairing.

If you prefer the sweeter side, anonymous cough at [profile] mini_fest did the stunning watercolor Narnia Magic. This just has a sigh worthy loveliness to it that pulls at the heartstrings.

And finally, for Magical Christmas, I’ll leave you with the prompt and artist’s note.
Prompt: Santa's missing and it's up to the wizarding world to deliver all the goodies to muggle boys and girls!
A/N: Albus Dumbledore has fun playing Santa with Harry's patronus and a little fairy light taking over for Rudolph. The sleigh was transfigured from McGonagall's desk, and she's come along, too. Flitwick has borrowed Albus's glasses and charmed them to fit so he can read the naughty and nice list directions out -- Albus doesn't need his glasses anyways since the "reindeer" know where to go.
Surely, you’re curious enough now to check it out………

Not that I’m any where near caught up on all of the goodies I want to devour but what did you like? Got recs? Or, know someone else who recs, point them out to me!

Gen recs!

I adore gen fic. It’s not that the characters don’t have lovers or sex but the focus of the stories or art is something else and I find variety there. It’s refreshing! So here are some new favorites of mine.

From rs_small_gifts, I offer Travelling Through The Wilderness by liseuse. This quiet non-magical AU is not specific about what time but by phrasing and the wartime situation, it feels like WWI or WWII. Both Remus and Sirius are soldiers returning home who meet on a train. Their troubles are only hinted at but the loneliness is palpable. It reads like magazine articles where someone talks about a chance meeting that they've remembered for many, many years. Or, perhaps a film from the forties.

Walburga made another show stealing appearance in A Little Drop of Poison by toujours_nigel as Dowager Lady Black in a Regency AU. And it was some job to steal the show from Teddy Lupin’s grasping hands! Sirius Black as the lord of the manor recently returned from 13 years in India. Remus as the widowed parson. Swoon!

Also from rs_small_gifts, Haere Mai (Come Here) by sea_shtick. Remus’ loneliness is a visceral ache in this First War tale as times are getting darker despite the Order’s efforts. When the Potter’s invite him back for a meal, the banter flows and the tension with Sirius crackles. All of which emphasizes just how much Remus’ lost on October 31st, 1981.

Once again, the same First War prompt at mini_fest has also come through with outstanding fic.
Christmas Past provides snapshots of the Longbottom, Potter and Malfoy families in the shadow of War. Bittersweet but with a lovely intimacy with each family and lightness from the babes.

In The Peacock and the Snitch, we are treated to a Malfoy Christmas complete with white peacocks, a singing Dobby, six year old Draco and proud parents.

And finally, in Bill Weasley Has A Tiny Willy (just ask Charlie), a tale filled with banter and sibling rivalry gone ribald also goes very, very funny!
Tin Hat

Voting in The Deathly Hallows Awards

I feel this is my duty as an editor. (Not because I’m a geek or pissy over the fact that the majority of nomms are Snape/some slut…….) Besides, I know for a fact, others are campaigning for votes!
Here are the Remus & Sirius stories nominated at The Deathly Hallows Awards.

Could Be Canon
Malefesto, Destroyer of Worlds – Hilarious Marauder gen fic.
The Doll Army – Another fantastic Marauder gen story

Best Slash
Glimpse of a God - eprime
Fulcrum – eprime
It Was Only A Kiss – remuslives23
In My Sky at Twilight - snow_blossoms
Bertie McGumpher and a Case of the Jollies – sheafrotherdon
A Holiday Romance in C Major – starstruck1986 (Remus/Ron)
The Lightkeeper – islandsmoke (Snupin)

Best Use of a Rare Pairing
Carnations In White (Sirius/Hermione) – ceredwensirius

Most Original Plotline
A Recipe in Four Parts - Carmentakoshi
Take This Longing - pica_scribit

Fic You Couldn’t Stop Reading
Reservoirs - rosemaryandrue
And A Star To Steer Her By– ceredwensirius
The Full Value of Joy – dogsunderfoot
Take This Longing - pica_scribit
Lost and Found - forest_rose

Funniest Fic
Reindeer Games - After The Rain (Marauder Gen)
Shag, Marry, Or Throw Off A Cliff - eprime
Bertie McGumpher and a Case of the Jollies – sheafrotherdon
The Unintended - brighty18
Wicked, The Life and Times of a Very Unfortunate Sirius Black - Brighty18

Kindest Author
Magnetic Pole

Best Multi Chapter
Fools - lyin’ (Excellent first War gen fic)
Remus Lupin and the Revolt of the Creatures – Paulamcg

Best One Shot
The Wake - orange_crushed
What Always Was – dogsunderfoot
Boo - Brighty18

Best WIP
Changing One’s Stars - Wandering Aesthetic (at the moment, Regulus centered gen but author says will become R/S)
Harry Potter and the Marauders of The Mind - Moonsign
The Worst Year Yet – Rekahneko

Best Complete
Catching Up - InFabula
A Recipe In Four Parts - Carmen Takoshi
Magic - brighty18
Stalking Sirius – remuslives23
The Full Value of Joy – dogsunderfoot
Lost and Found - forest_rose

Most Unique Marauders Fic
A whole category for us! Please vote and show some luv for this era!

Best Indie Fic
Boo - Brighty18

Best Use of Magic
Harry Potter and the Marauders of The Mind – Moonsign

I don’t know how I will cast my votes yet. As you can see, these are great stories and I hate having to make a choice! And there are other great stories to choose from but what the heck, I’m votin’! I don’t want to see yet another supposedly multi-ship awards become all about a couple of pairings.

Here be some recs.....

I can’t believe that I’m already falling behind the holiday fests! So many goodies, so little time. I even had the gall to be disappointed that hp_holidaygen isn’t running this year! But my characterization and plot loving soul already thinks this is a FINE year indeed!

First from rs_small_gifts, I offer Staff Infection by brighty18. This story is all Minerva McGonagall and only this brilliant, acerbic woman could pack so much entertainment in a story less than 3,000 words! We open with a 1975 Hogwarts staff meeting where amongst other things, they are discussing the upcoming Holiday Feast and how to handle magical miscreants, especially the Marauders. But with the bickering, Minerva’s uncensored thoughts and her memories of past incidents, we are presented with a different view of many characters than we had from Harry’s! The gossip, the fights, the wagers! And those infamous magical mischief makers are constantly there, in the background making themselves known.

And in Obligations by deathjunke, Walburga Black makes herself and a rare bit of her story known! While, she isn’t sane or entirely sympathetic, Walburga is no cardboard villain here. And the picture deathjunke paints of the Black family genealogy could be canon…..

mini_fest has also come through in spades for my interests! One prompt turned up both great fic and art!
Christmas 1980 provides snapshots of the Longbottom, Potter and Malfoy families celebrating “baby’s first Christmas” with guest appearances by Snape, Petunia Dursley, Augusta Longbottom and Arabella Figg. I especially liked that despite the ever looming war, these families face problems and joys more domestic in these snippets.

In 80’s Christmas, we are treated to the actual photographs of the Longbottoms, Potters and Malfoys. These are a must see holiday joy!

And I must point out the art that myprettycabinet did for rs_small_gifts. There are THREE stunning pictures here by this artist with a very distinctive style. Her work is not only realistic but she makes you feel the emotions of her characters. So check out Five Minutes in a Closet & A Cauldron Full of Hot Strong Love a passionate seduction, an excruciatingly embarrassed prefect and a bone melting boy kiss!