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Take off is Feb. 25th at 8:50am!

It's not my birthday? by *Eman333 on deviantART

No, it's not my birthday but I do feel excited about my new work. Having worked in the clothing field for 30 years doing very similar things, I'll take change where I can get it. There should be some variety to my new position but the best part to me is that I will work from my apartment in New Jersey except for meetings & fittings. Then I will fly to Maine. For those not familiar with the states, this is over 300 miles north of where I live. For instance, natives of Maine have a distinctly different accent.
I have vacationed there several times since I was a child and have always loved it. I used to tell my parents that when I grew up, I would have a cafe in Maine that would seat 12 and serve breakfast and lunch. And somedays, I'll hang out a sign saying. "Sorry, we're closed. Gone fishing." While what I'll be doing next is far different, I feel like it's a step towards my dreams anyway.

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