werewolfsfan (werewolfsfan) wrote,

I really thought that I got around more than this!

visited 24 states (48%)
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I made a few road trips across the country with Aunt God She's Awful in my long ago youth but I only checked states that I remember. I guess the problem is returning to favorites, especially within driving distance, over and over again.

Damn but now I want to travel! Tempt me with something I should see in your state or tell me about your favorite places in the US. It's been rather snowy lately in northern NJ so I probably won't get there right away but I can research and add it to my list of "must visit" places. I had a phone interview with a company in Maine about freelance work this week. So if that comes through, I'll have a wild commute as I'd have to fly there for fittings!

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