February 15th, 2011


The state of werewolf's fan.....

I haven't been around, even lurking. The job opportunity that I most wanted was a possibility and I was researching, meditating and praying it would go well. I have a friend in marketing who gives me tips/pep talks and I went out to Long Island and spent the day with them. And the sweetest puppy!

The second interview appeared to go very well. Even better than the first one and the designer indicated to me that I would be hearing soon. I truly felt that she hinted at a positive outcome. This is a freelance / part time job so it wouldn't end my job woes but it's a unique position and I want to give it a try.

Then I had a stupid accident in my own apartment and fractured my right elbow, amongst other things. I know this could have been much worse, I didn't break anything other than me. I didn't even break anything worse like my head or my back but I was blind with pain for a couple of days. Elbow still hurts like hell but the rest of the bruising is okay.

Follow this with four days of Aunt God She's Awful.

So hear I am feeling sorry for myself and the agency calls and wants to know if I'm still interested in the job they told me I didn't get. So I had to pull perky out of my *ss and say, "No. I haven't found a position since late Friday. I'm still interested in company xx yean." So here I am waiting again. The heard the ominous news that some things have changed and they'll get back to me.........

I wonder how many painkillers I can take before I sound loopy over the phone?