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It's not my birthday? by *Eman333 on deviantART

No, it's not my birthday but I do feel excited about my new work. Having worked in the clothing field for 30 years doing very similar things, I'll take change where I can get it. There should be some variety to my new position but the best part to me is that I will work from my apartment in New Jersey except for meetings & fittings. Then I will fly to Maine. For those not familiar with the states, this is over 300 miles north of where I live. For instance, natives of Maine have a distinctly different accent.
I have vacationed there several times since I was a child and have always loved it. I used to tell my parents that when I grew up, I would have a cafe in Maine that would seat 12 and serve breakfast and lunch. And somedays, I'll hang out a sign saying. "Sorry, we're closed. Gone fishing." While what I'll be doing next is far different, I feel like it's a step towards my dreams anyway.

The state of werewolf's fan.....

I haven't been around, even lurking. The job opportunity that I most wanted was a possibility and I was researching, meditating and praying it would go well. I have a friend in marketing who gives me tips/pep talks and I went out to Long Island and spent the day with them. And the sweetest puppy!

The second interview appeared to go very well. Even better than the first one and the designer indicated to me that I would be hearing soon. I truly felt that she hinted at a positive outcome. This is a freelance / part time job so it wouldn't end my job woes but it's a unique position and I want to give it a try.

Then I had a stupid accident in my own apartment and fractured my right elbow, amongst other things. I know this could have been much worse, I didn't break anything other than me. I didn't even break anything worse like my head or my back but I was blind with pain for a couple of days. Elbow still hurts like hell but the rest of the bruising is okay.

Follow this with four days of Aunt God She's Awful.

So hear I am feeling sorry for myself and the agency calls and wants to know if I'm still interested in the job they told me I didn't get. So I had to pull perky out of my *ss and say, "No. I haven't found a position since late Friday. I'm still interested in company xx yean." So here I am waiting again. The heard the ominous news that some things have changed and they'll get back to me.........

I wonder how many painkillers I can take before I sound loopy over the phone?

Got recs?

I know a number of the lovely people on my friends list create and or admire fanart. Well [community profile] fanart_recs needs you! This is a new multi fandom rec site on DW similar to LJ's Crack Van. They need people willing to recommend at least 4 examples of fanart that you enjoyed. They have a simple template and art building a nice collection already. I've already offered some of my HP and Supernatural favorites. This month I'll offer some Doctor Who. Interested yet? The sign up post is here.

I really thought that I got around more than this!

visited 24 states (48%)
Create your own visited map of The United States

I made a few road trips across the country with Aunt God She's Awful in my long ago youth but I only checked states that I remember. I guess the problem is returning to favorites, especially within driving distance, over and over again.

Damn but now I want to travel! Tempt me with something I should see in your state or tell me about your favorite places in the US. It's been rather snowy lately in northern NJ so I probably won't get there right away but I can research and add it to my list of "must visit" places. I had a phone interview with a company in Maine about freelance work this week. So if that comes through, I'll have a wild commute as I'd have to fly there for fittings!

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 I have a couple of interesting freelance opportunities in the pipeline!  Cross your fingers for me?

First one is out of the running.  (I hope!)  I am a "tech designer."  I handle the specifications, samples, fitting, ect of clothing.  I was told that a company who has a new fabric that sheilds the wearer from radio waves, like from cell phones, wanted someone to do tech packs at home for Maternity clothes.  Sounded good......
I met them only to have these people show me something called a "belly band" from the leading maker.  This resembles an oversized rubber band!  Since their fabric has slightly less stretch, they said they wanted someone to tell them "how to copy" this in their goods.  It doesn't take much to measure/ describe a rubber band!  They were meeting multiple candidates for this!  They had to be fishing for something.  Maybe someone with factory connections to make it........

But I have a phone interview scheduled for the other next Tuesday so I'm still hoping that works out!

Look what I've got!

My first Auction win from [info]qldfloodauction  is here:

Mr (Not-So) Nice Guy by remuslives23
Harry Potter/Torchwood crossover.
Set during the first wizarding war (in the 1980's).

It has Alastor Moody and Bellatrix Lestrage in it as well as Captain Jack Harkness.  It's even better than I'd hoped for and imagine how high my hopes were with such an author!  Go read so that we all win from the auction.

Is it wrong that I have so much fun from the suffering of others when these auctions come up?

Let's take a break!

I needed a wee break from the world's massive problems and fandom's awesome efforts to reach out and help someone.

Has anyone else seen this?

 Give COURAGE not head!

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ceredwensirius made me do it! I'm making a list of all of the HP related offering available for donations to charities dealing with the aftermath of the flooding in Australia.

Lots of bargains still available at qldfloodauction

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Bonus Offer:
From scribblecat - If you're paying for goods/fic/art etc and pay an extra $2 or above, I will email you a PDF book full of coffee recipes from a well known coffee place starting with 'S'. This booklet is in PDF format with a front cover, so you can print it and keep it. It has 32 pages full of hot and cold beverages including frappes, macciatos, chai, iced, cider, lattes, cappucinos and smoothies of many flavours. It also has the recipes for different pastries. Altogether there are about 30 drink recipes.

Additional Info: Once you've made your donation with $2+ extra please PM or email me your screenshot and email, and I'll send it through to you!
If you want this only, just make a donation (I think $5+ would be more appropriate if it's by itself via a credit card etc) to a flood charity, I'd prefer donations to go to the RSPCA flood appeal and show me a screenshot!